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Last First Rank Co Notes
Abbott Robert B. Sgt C
Abernathy Henry C. Sgt B
Ackmire James  Farrier E
Adams Andrew  Pvt H Poss. Andrew S. Adams 1832-1882 b. Andrew Adams Cem. Garrard co, KY
Adams Arthur  Cpl A
Adams George  Pvt D
Adams James D. Cpl H
Adams John M. Sgt A
Adams Samuel W. Cpl G
Alison J. M. Pvt C
Allen James A. Cpl D
Allen Samuel  Bugler A
Ambrose M. J.W. Chap Staff
Anderson John H. Cpl H
Anderson Simeon  Pvt H
Anderson William  Sgt G
Annis Taylor W. Pvt D
Antrabus James  Pvt C
Armotage Benjamin  Pvt E
Arnett William  Pvt B
Arnett William  Pvt K
Asberry Clayton  Pvt D
Asberry Franklin C. Cpl D
Ashcraft Alonzo P. Cpl D
Ashley James P. Capt C
Atchison James  Pvt K
Atchison Samuel C. Pvt A
Atchison Silas  Pvt A
Ausburn Henry C. Pvt E
Austin Hudson R. Pvt G
Baird James L. 2nd Lt H
Baird John F. Pvt H
Baird Joseph  Sgt H
Baker Benjamin  Pvt H
Baker James  Pvt H "died 1915 age 76 ""Union Soldier"" b. Stringtown Cem. Garrard co, KY wife Catherine"
Baker Joseph  Pvt H
Baker Phillip L. Pvt G
Baker William P. Pvt H died 1884 buried  Hickory Grove Cem, Greene co, IL; wife Almyra STANTON 
Bales William  Pvt B
Barber James  Sgt M
Barker Benjamin  Pvt K
Barnes Grandison G. Sgt M
Barnett James H. Pvt E
Barnett John  Pvt G
Barrett William  Pvt G
Barry Bartholomew  Pvt C
Bartley John  Pvt K
Bateman Noah C. Wagoner K
Bateman William  Pvt K
Bau Robert E. Cpl H
Beach Addison D. Pvt B
Beach William  Wagoner E
Beagle Jasper H. Pvt B
Beaumont Thomas  Pvt H also listed w/ Field & Staff
Beaumont Thomas  Hosp Stwd Staff also Pvt in Co H
Beedle Curtis R. 1st Lt M
Beihn Frederick  Pvt K
Bell William M. Sgt C
Bennett John M. Pvt K
Berkshire William  Sgt G
Berry Jesse H. Capt I Consolidated with Company B.
Berry Jesse H. Capt B also listed w/ Co. L
Bettis William  Pvt G
Bichu Frederick  Cpl E
Biddle Jerome  Cpl K
Bingham Henry  Pvt K
Bishop John  Pvt B
Bishop John  Pvt C
Blackburn Benjamin T. Cpl E
Blackburn George W. Pvt B
Blackburn William B. Pvt E
Blackman Allison K. Pvt E
Blackman William J. Pvt E
Blake George R. Pvt G
Blake John L. Cpl D
Blake Thomas  Pvt K
Bloom Andrew S. Maj Staff
Blythe William R. Pvt K
Boaez James  Pvt M
Boaz Daniel  Pvt B
Bolen David  Pvt C
Boone Joseph  Farrier G
Bostick Gabriel  Pvt E
Bowles Martin N. Pvt B
Boyd Samuel G. Bugler A
Bradley George W. Pvt A
Bradley W. W. Capt D
Brady William W. Lt Col Staff
Brewer James W. 1st Lt G
Brewer John S. Pvt G
Brewer Richard  2nd Lt G
Brewer Richard  Sgt G listed twice (2nd LT, SGT)
Brewer Sterling  Pvt K
Briddock Joseph  Cpl K
Brown Charles P. Pvt A
Brown George A. Pvt H Poss: 1804-1879 b. Brown Cem, Garrard co, KY wife Mary WHITE
Brown Lucius O. Pvt C
Brown William  Sgt A
Brown Zachariah  Pvt B
Bruce Edward  Pvt B
Brush Peter  Pvt E
Bryant Jesse  Capt D
Bryant Robert  Pvt K
Bryant William  Pvt K
Buchanan Marion  Pvt C
Buckley Edmond  Cpl G
Buckley James W. Pvt G
Buckley John W. Pvt G
Burden Jarrott  Pvt G
Burden Morilloe  Pvt G
Burden Samuel  Pvt G
Burkley Henry  Pvt B
Burnam Andrew J. Asst Surg Staff
Burnes John  Pvt B
Burns Alford  Pvt M
Burns John  Cpl M
Burns John  Cpl E
Burns John E. Capt F Consolidated with Company M
Burns John E. Capt M also listed w/ Co F.
Burns Phillip  Bugler B
Burton James  Pvt B
Burton Jefferson  Pvt B
Bush James  Sgt E Buried Pendleton Co, KY(contact David Bush: for more info  also see "Monument and Inscriptions of Pendleton Co., KY" by Nagle and Ford.  D. Bush has pension papers.
Calway Frederick  Cpl B
Campbell George  Pvt K
Campbell James  Pvt K
Campbell John B. Adjts Staff
Campbell John W. QMstr Staff
Campbell Joseph  Pvt C
Canter James M. Saddler B
Carden James H. Pvt B
Carden William H. Pvt B
Cardwell Thomas  Pvt B
Carlton Jno. M. Sgt B
Carlton John J. Cpl B
Carlton Robert E. Cpl B
Carpenter George W. Pvt M
Carpenter John M. Sgt H
Carr Thomas  Pvt M
Cart Orville S. Cpl G
Carver Thomas  Pvt B
Caswell Phillip S. Pvt G
Caughey Harvey G. Pvt G
Caughey James F. Pvt G
Caughey James M. Pvt G
Caveno Jno.  Sgt B
Cayton George W. Pvt D
Cayton William A. Cpl B
Chaney Robert  2nd Lt G
Chipley Benjamin  Pvt B
Chism Thomas  Sgt D
Chrisman Jno. W. Sgt B
Chrystler Henry  Pvt G
Church James  Pvt H Listed Co A on headstone b. Peter Kennedy Cem, Garrard co, KY
Chysm Selby  Pvt G
Clark John R. Pvt D
Clark Manilla C. Sgt D
Clark Robert  Pvt M
Clark Thomas  Cpl M
Clark William C. Sgt Maj Staff
Clarke William C. Pvt B
Clawser William  Pvt B
Claypoole James H. Bugler C also Staff Bugler
Claypoole James H. Chf Bugler Staff also Pvt in Company C
Clem George W. Pvt D
Clemons James R. Cpl D
Coffer Andrew  Pvt M
Coffer Reuben  Pvt A
Coffer Thomas  Sgt M
Cogswell Henry  Pvt A
Cogswell Isaac  Pvt A
Coleman William H. Bugler K
Collier Robert  Maj Staff also Capt. in Co H
Collier Robert  Capt H 1819-1878 b. Collier Cem, Garrard co, KY
Collier William J. Pvt D
Collins Edmond  Pvt G
Collins Josiah  Pvt G
Collover Joseph  Pvt M
Conn Andrew J.T. Cpl H
Connelly Martin  Sgt B
Conyers Thomas  Cpl M
Conyers William M. Pvt M
Cook Jno. M. Capt I Originally a comany of 49th KY Infantry, re-enlisted as Company L of 7th Cav, Transferred to Company E of 6th KY Veteran Cav at Muster out
Cook Joseph  Pvt B
Cooper James M. Pvt E
Cooper Lorenzo D. Pvt C
Cord John M. Sgt K
Corey John  Pvt A
Cosligon William  Pvt M
Cox William H. Pvt K
Coyle Andrew K. Pvt M
Craig Absalom  Vet Surg Staff
Craig James W. Cpl A
Craily Absalom  Farrier D
Crain Simeon  Capt M
Crawford Samuel  Pvt G
Craycraft William B. Pvt K
Crear John  Pvt B
Crombie James  Pvt M
Crosby William  Pvt D
Crouch John R. Saddler M
Crouch John W. Cpl D
Crouch William A. Pvt B
Cummings George W. Pvt G
Cunningham John  Pvt M
Cupps Cornelius  Pvt M
Curl William  Pvt C
Curtis Daniel  Pvt D
Curtis Henry  Pvt D
Curtis John  Pvt G
Dabney Joseph  Pvt G
Daily Patrick  Pvt B
Daily, Jr. Patrick  Pvt B
Dale Henry B. Cpl B
Daugherty Charles P. Pvt B
Daugherty Daniel  Pvt E
Daugherty George F. Pvt B
Daugherty George P. Pvt B
Daugherty Hugh  Pvt B
Davis Barker  Farrier E
Davis George W. Sgt A
Davis Jacob  Bugler D
Davis Samuel H. Pvt H
Davis William B. Pvt C
Dawnord Joseph  Pvt E
Delany Richard  Pvt K
Dennis Joseph  Pvt D
Dennis William  Pvt M
Detzal Valentine  Cpl E
Devny Patrick  Pvt C
Dillon John  Pvt K
Dollens George W. Cpl H
Dollens James T. Cpl H
Downey James H. Farrier A
Downey William A. Farrier A
Downing John  Pvt B
Droper John M. Pvt E
Dunaway John P. Sgt D
Dunbar John P. Pvt B also Hosp Steward with Field Staff
Dunbar John P. Hosp Stwd Staff also Pvt in Co B
Duncan Hugh  Pvt B
Dunn Thomas  2nd Lt H
Dunstill Joseph  Pvt K
Earlywine James S. Pvt G
Eaton Jeremiah  Pvt A
Eden Jacob  Cpl M
Edmonds William H. Pvt D
Edward Milton  Pvt D
Edwards James T. Pvt B
Elliott Napoleon B. Cpl E
Elliston Robert  Cpl B
England Alexander  Pvt B
England Andrew J. Pvt A
Estill David S. Pvt A
Evans John  Pvt A
Farris Chyle  Pvt K
Farris Levi  Farrier K
Faulkner George  Pvt K
Faulkner John K. Col Staff
Feeback Jesse  Pvt G
Ferrell John E. Pvt B
Fields William J. Pvt G
Filson George M. Sgt A
Finnell Thomas B. Pvt D
Fish Charles  Sgt C
Fisher James  Wagoner M
Fisher John E. Pvt M
Fisher John J. Pvt M
Fitzpatrick Charles  Sgt K
Fitzwaters Edmond  Farrier G
Fletcher James D. Sgt H
Fletcher Patterson H. Sgt H
Flora Caliaway  Pvt K
Flora John  Pvt C
Flora John  Pvt K
Flora Joseph M. Pvt K
Foley Frank  Pvt K
Foley Thomas  Pvt H
Foster John  Pvt E
Foster Robert S. Pvt A
Frederick William  Pvt K
Fredrick John  Pvt C
Frisby Francis M. Sgt M
Frith Stanfield  Pvt B
Fritts Jno. R. Pvt B also Hosp. Steward with Field Staff
Fritts John R. Hosp Stwd Staff also Pvt in Co B
Fronk William H. Pvt G
Fugett James H. Cpl K
Fuller Duncan  Pvt B
Fuller James H. Pvt B
Fuller James L. Pvt G
Fuller Wesley  Bugler B
Furiner George B. Pvt D
Gardner James H. Pvt E Buried Pendleton Co, KY(contact David Bush: for more info  also see "Monument and Inscriptions of Pendleton Co., KY" by Nagle and Ford.  D. Bush has pension papers.
Gay William H. Pvt C
Gennett James T. Pvt G
Gensal John  Pvt G
George Ancel  Pvt H
Ghose Louis G. Pvt M
Gibbons Partrick  Cpl C
Gillespie Alex. W. Pvt A
Glancey Thomas  Pvt B
Gleason Michael  Pvt G
Gohagen Silas  2nd Lt E
Goode Vernon  Pvt B
Goodlow William  Cpl M
Goodpasture David  Cpl A
Goodpasture George W. Pvt A
Goodpasture Noah  Pvt A
Goodpasture Robert  Pvt M
Goshorn Sidney M. 1st Lt E
Gothorne Joseph  Pvt K
Goulding Seneca  Capt K
Grady Thomas  Pvt C
Gragg James A. Cpl G
Graham James  Pvt H
Gray James T. Pvt K
Gray William C. Sgt G
Green Albert F. Sgt A
Green Hiram M. Pvt C
Green Jackson G. Pvt B
Gregory John  Pvt B
Gregory John  Cpl M
Griffin John  Pvt E
Grossbeck George A. Pvt D
Groves George W. Pvt D from Grant/Harrison counties
Gruelle Wallace W. 1st Lt B
Gruelle William W. Pvt G
Haggard Allen  Pvt H
Hall John  Pvt M
Hall Milton  Pvt C
Hall Samuel  Pvt H 1842-1926 b. Stringtown Cem, Garrard co, KY
Ham James  Pvt M
Hamilton John  Cpl K
Hamilton Samuel  Pvt D
Hamilton William  1st Lt E
Hamilton William H. Saddler D
Hamilton William S. Pvt M
Hammack Andrew J. Cpl H buried Paint LickCem, Garrard co 18 Aug 1842 - 21 Apr 1912 wife Mary W.
Hanley Richard P. Sgt K
Hanson Tapley J. Pvt B
Hardeman William  Sgt K
Harden John G. Bugler D
Harden John W. Pvt H
Hardy Ras.  Pvt D
Hargett Benjamin  Sgt A
Hargett Daniel H. Sgt A
Hargett Whitfield  Farrier A
Harman David  Pvt K
Harman Nelson  Pvt H
Harrington Daniel  Pvt G
Harrison Washington  Farrier B
Harrison William  Sgt A
Harvey Elbridge  Pvt B
Hawes Samuel  Pvt K
Hawin John  Pvt G
Hawkins Harlan P. Sgt B
Hawkins James  Pvt A
Hawkins John  Pvt A
Hawkins William  Pvt A
Hayden Barnabas T. Capt A
Hayden Elijah B. Sgt A
Heart Millon  Cpl M
Hedges Henry C. Pvt B
Hedrick Michael  Sgt A also Qtr Master Sgt with Field Staff
Hedrick Michael  QM Sgt Staff also Sgt in Co A
Hedrick William  Cpl A
Hefland James W. Cpl A
Helmich Louis  Pvt E
Helton Lewis D. Pvt B
Hendrow John C. Pvt B
Herndon Preston  Pvt B
Herring Daniel W. Pvt H
Hicks James  Pvt E
Highlander William  Saddler G
Highly George W. Pvt M
Hill Spencer P. Pvt A
Hitch Benjamin H. Sgt E Married Ella FIELDS 1849-1915.  1844-1934 buried Concord Cemetery Pendleton Co, KY(contact David Bush: for more info  also see "Monument and Inscriptions of Pendleton Co., KY" by Nagle and Ford
Holland Francis M. Farrier K
Holland William  Pvt K
Holman Daniel  Pvt H
Holmes Jorden  Pvt H
Honaker James  Pvt M
Hood Henry  Pvt B
Hopkins David W. Pvt K
Hopkins Jno. T. 1st Lt B
Hopkins Joshlin J. Pvt K
Hopper William R. Farrier C
Hopwood Addison S. Pvt B
Hueston William H. Pvt B
Hull Moses  Pvt D
Hull William F. Pvt D
Hull, Sr. William  Pvt D
Humphris Eli  Pvt K
Hunter Charles  Pvt B
Huributt Joseph  Pvt B
Hyatt Henry C. Cpl G
Hyles James H. Pvt D
Hysink John E. Cpl E
Ingram George W. Pvt A
Ingram William  2nd Lt A
Ireland James M. Pvt C
Isbell John T. Farrier C
Isham Moses  Pvt H
Ishmeal James R. Pvt C
Jackson Henry  Pvt B
Jackson John K. Pvt K
Jackson William B. Pvt B
Jackson William H. Wagoner B
Jacobs Benjamin  Cpl B
James Benjamin  Pvt D
James Christopher  Pvt B
Jennings Isaac V. Pvt M
Jett John  Pvt D
Johnson Ebenezer A. Cpl A
Johnson William  Pvt H
Jones Andrew J. 1st Lt D
Jones Charles F. Cpl A
Jones Charles N. Pvt B
Jones Guy  Farrier D
Jones James  Pvt M
Jones James  Pvt D
Jones James A. Pvt A
Jones Jerry  Pvt A
Jones Joseph  Pvt M
Jones Richard M.J. Cpl D Possibly Served Co. E.  Buried Pendleton Co, KY(contact David Bush: for more info  also see "Monument and Inscriptions of Pendleton Co., KY" by Nagle and Ford
Jones Thomas  Sgt M
Joslen James M. Pvt H (JOSLIN, JOSLYN)
Kelley William O.B. Pvt B
Kennedy John F. Farrier H
Kennedy Samuel T. Pvt H
Kent Jeremiah  Pvt B
Kenton William J. Cpl G
Keogh Peter  Pvt B
Kerby George M. Pvt H
Kerby William M. 1st Lt H
Kidwell David D. Pvt E
Kidwell William  Pvt E
King Henry A. Cpl B
King Wesley  Pvt H "Wesley K. King ""Union Soldier"" d 1920 age 76 b. Scotts Fork Church Cem, Garrard co, KY"
Kirkendale John  Pvt H descendant of David Thompson
Kisinger Tilmon  Pvt B
Kissick John  Pvt A
Knapp Samuel  Pvt B
Knox John W. Pvt M
LaForce Zachariah T. Sgt D
Laford Joseph  Pvt E
Lamb Henry H. Pvt B
Lancaster John B. Pvt K
Langsdale William H. Pvt B
Lanter Henson  Cpl D
Lanter Newton  Cpl D
Laughland Patrick  Cpl C
Lawler Michael  Pvt C
Lawrence Marion  Pvt B
Lawson Franklin  Pvt M
Lawson George  Pvt H
Lawson Jeremiah N. Saddler D
Lawson John  Pvt D
Lawson John T. Pvt G
Lawson Jospeh  Pvt M
Lawson Moses  Pvt H
Lawson William  Farrier B
Lee Aaron  1st Lt A
Lendingburg Joseph S. Farrier E
Letart William P. Pvt D
Likes Andrew  Pvt A
Locker John  Pvt H
Long James H. Pvt H
Lovelace Milton  Cpl E
Lovelace Thomas C. Pvt E
Lovelace Zachariah  Sgt E
Low James  Pvt K
Lowe Isaac  Pvt A
Lowery James L. Pvt B
Lunsford Elisha  Pvt E
Lunsford Enoch  Pvt E
Luntsford Daniel  Pvt H
Luntsford Enoch  Pvt H
Lyde Jefferson  Pvt B
Lynch Edward  Pvt C
Lytle James  Pvt B
Mace Edward  Pvt B
Madgan Dennis  Pvt B
Magee H. Macalla  Pvt G
Mahar William  Pvt B
Manley John F. Pvt A
Manley John R. Pvt M
Mann Austin  Cpl D
Mann James H.C. Pvt D
Marksbury Horatio  Pvt H
Marshall John  Pvt G
Martin John H. Pvt G
Martin William H. Pvt K
Mason Arthur B. Pvt C Probably Masoner
Mason Joseph C. Pvt C Probably Masoner
Masoner Arthur B. QMstr Staff Arthur was born 1837-1838 in Bourbon Co. KY died about 1867 in possibly Rushville, IN. Brother to Joseph C.
Masoner Joseph C. Commsry Staff Joseph C. (Campbell) was born 13 Aug. 1842 in Carroll Co. MO., son of Pleasant Masoner and Elspa McConnell. He died 3-30-1908 in Roosevelt, Kiowa , OK. Brother to Arthur
Mastin John W. Pvt G
Mathews John  Pvt B
Mattox Emanuel  Wagoner G
McAtee Richard  Pvt B
McCalaway John  Pvt B
McCarty James  Pvt M
McCarty John  Pvt M
McCauley Alfred  Pvt B
McClain Jackson  Pvt M
McClain Joshua  Pvt M
McCollum William  Pvt K
McCrea Felix G. Adjts Staff also Capt in Co G
McCrea Felix G. Capt G also Adjutant w/ Field Staff
McDermott Patrick  Pvt D
McDowell Mathew B. 1st Lt K
McGee H. McCalla  2nd Lt M
McGinety John P. 1st Lt E
McGinety William A. Capt E Buried Pendleton Co, KY(contact David Bush: for more info  also see "Monument and Inscriptions of Pendleton Co., KY" by Nagle and Ford.  D. Bush has article about him.
McGowing George W. Pvt K
McGowing John  Pvt K
McHatton Robert P. Sgt D
McIntosh William H. Saddler E also Saddler Sgt w/ Field Staff
McIntosh William H. Saddler Sgt Staff also Saddler in Co E
McKee Elias  Pvt D
McKee William  Pvt D
McKinney Andrew  Pvt A
McKinney John  Pvt C
McLean David W. Pvt A
McMann James C. Cpl B
McMillen James  Pvt E
McMillian John  Pvt B
McNeeley Charles C. Maj Staff McNeely also Capt in Co B
McNeely Charles C. Capt B McNeeley also Maj on Field Staff
McQuerry John  Sgt H died Greene co, IL   Personal War Sketch 
McTaylor Wallford  Sgt C
Meachen Aleibiades C. Bugler E
Mefford John Q. Pvt E
Mefford William  Pvt E
Menifee Jonas G. Pvt G
Merchant Alfred  Sgt B
Merton William Z. Bugler B
Metcalfe James D. Cpl C
Metcalfe Leonidas  Col Staff
Mill James M. Pvt D
Miller John G. Cpl G
Miller William  Pvt B
Miller William  Pvt E
Milliken James S. Pvt D (MULLIKIN)  Possibly served Co. E.  Buried Pendleton Co, KY(contact David Bush: for more info  also see "Monument and Inscriptions of Pendleton Co., KY" by Nagle and Ford
Millinner John M. Pvt G
Million George W. Pvt D
Milward Charles  Maj Staff
Mitchell Alvin  Cpl K
Mitchell Alfred  2nd Lt K
Mitchell George  Pvt K
Mitchell Hiram J. Pvt K
Moffett Thomas J. Pvt G
Moore John  Sgt D
Moore Oliver S. Sgt K
Moore Riley  Pvt D
Moore Roger  Saddler K
Moore Volney  Pvt M
Morehead Mathew  Pvt D
Morelock Joseph  Sgt Maj Staff also Pvt in Co B
Morelock Joseph  Pvt B also Sgt Maj w/ Field Staff
Morgan Charles  Pvt B
Morris Cicero  Pvt E Buried Pendleton Co, KY(contact David Bush: for more info  also see "Monument and Inscriptions of Pendleton Co., KY" by Nagle and Ford
Morris Joseph  Bugler B
Morris Quiller  Pvt M
Morris William E. Hosp Stwd H
Morrow Jno. L. Sgt B
Motsan George  Pvt E
Motsan James  Pvt E
Moulton David  Pvt B
Mulair John  Pvt H
Muntz Joseph  Farrier D
Murphy John  Pvt H
Murry Murty  Pvt B
Myers George H. Pvt G
Myers Henry  Pvt M
Nave James D. Sgt H
Neal John N. Cpl K
Neal William H. Sgt D
Newman H. O. QMstr Staff
Nichols Dennis  1st Lt B
Nix Edward P. Pvt C
Norris William E. Hosp Stwd Staff
North William H. Pvt C
O'Daly Patrick  Pvt M
O'Doherty William P. Sgt K
Ockerman Joseph A. Cpl C
Octza John  Sgt E
Oden James H. 2nd Lt B
Oden Thomas M. 1st Lt B
Oden William C. Lt Col Staff
Ogden Charles G. 1st Lt K
Oliver Argo  Wagoner G
Oliver Jno. M. Pvt E
Oliver Leonard L. Sgt E
Olover Lemuel  Pvt E
Orr William M. Pvt E
Owens Daniel J. Sgt M
Padgett Salam  Cpl A
Page Prine  Pvt A
Parsons Benjamin  Pvt K
Parsons Jno. N. Cpl C
Parsons John L. Sgt K
Pearce Issac E. Cpl K
Pearce Joel  Pvt K
Pedet Andrew J. Pvt E
Pedigo Joseph  Pvt B
Pendricks James H. Pvt C
Perkins Edmund  Farrier A
Perkins James  Cpl H
Pervis James  Pvt A
Peterson Forrest W. Farrier G
Peterson Peter E. Sgt G
Pettit Charles G. Pvt D
Pettit William W. Cpl D
Peyton George A. Pvt G
Phelps Louis  Pvt E
Phelps Zachariah  Cpl A
Pierce Curtis  Sgt H """Civil War Veteren"" 1838-1922 b. Buckeye Cem, Garrard co, KY w. Emily SIMPSON"
Pierce William  Pvt B
Pierce Willis  Farrier H
Plumer Alexander  Pvt E
Pointer Issac  Pvt H
Pointer John  Pvt H
Pointer Mason  Pvt H died 03/28/1917 Greene co, IL 
Pointer William  Pvt H No dates b. Stringtown Cem, Garrard co, KY
Polly James D. Pvt E
Porter Culvin V. Pvt B
Potts James H. Sgt C
Power Richard  Pvt M
Pribble John T. Pvt E
Pribble Thomas  Cpl E
Price Charles S. Pvt B
Price Elihu  Capt K
Price James C. Pvt G
Proctor Jeremiah  Saddler A
Proctor Thomas  Pvt A
Pullen Thomas  Pvt G
Purcell James T. Pvt B
Rambo Phillip  Pvt G
Ramey Francis M. Cpl G
Ramey Thomas B. Cpl D
Ramsey William  Wagoner B
Randall John W. Pvt B
Ray James H. Pvt H Poss: 1835-1878 b. Buckeye Cem, Garrard co, KY
Rayburn Owen C. Pvt G
Raymond Alfred  Pvt G
Razer Welmington  Cpl A
Reaves George  Pvt K
Redman Willis  Pvt B
Reece Thomas M. Pvt G
Reed Allen  Pvt G
Reeves Washington  Wagoner A
Renfro Issac  Pvt H No Dates b. Stringtown Cem, Garrard co, KY wife Mary BAKER m 12-29-59 wife Saly JOSLIN 03-11-40
Reynolds Francis  Pvt D
Rice Marcus B. Pvt M
Richard Daniel  Cpl M
Richards Joseph A. Pvt K
Riddle William  Pvt K
Right William  Pvt D
Ripple John  Pvt D
Ritchey Henry  Pvt C
Robbins Benjamin F. Capt E
Robert William  Pvt M
Roberts Andrew  Pvt K
Roberts Edwin  Pvt D
Roberts James  Pvt K
Roberts Merrill  Pvt B
Robertson A. D. Pvt B
Robertson James P. 2nd Lt D
Robertson John  Pvt M
Robey Ebenezer  Pvt D
Robey James H. 2nd Lt D
Robey Jeremiah  Cpl D
Rogers Barton S. Sgt B
Rogers John  Pvt A
Roggers James  Pvt M (Rogers)
Rollin Thomas W. Pvt E
Rose Duret  Pvt B
Rose Robertson  Pvt B
Ross Daniel W. Pvt B
Ross Eli J. Pvt C
Rothwell James M. Sgt H 1826-1865 b. Paint Lick Cem, Garrard co, KY
Rothwell Samuel  Sgt H
Roundtree Berry  Cpl G
Royce Richard J. Sgt A
Royce Samuel H. 2nd Lt A
Royse James  Pvt A
Ruark Benjamin F. Pvt K
Runyon Silas R. Pvt H
Runyon William  Pvt H
Russell Henry B. Sgt D
Ryon John  Pvt H
Ryon Thomas D. Sgt D
Saddler Jesse T. Pvt C
Sanders Aleany  Pvt E
Sanders Henry W. Pvt K
Sanders James  Pvt E
Sanders Robert  Cpl E
Sapp James H. Pvt K
Sapp Peter  Pvt A
Sashe John  Saddler G
Saucy James  Pvt B
Scarbro William  Pvt H
Scott John  Pvt D
Scott Robert  Capt G
Scott Thomas L. 1st Lt C
See James  Pvt B
Self John H. Farrier M
Shankley George  Pvt B
Sharp William S. Surg Staff
Sharpe John  Pvt B
Shaw John  Cpl B
Sheeley John N. Pvt G
Sheperd John  Pvt B
Shiplet Campbell  Pvt H No Dates b. Stringtown Cem, Garrard co, KY. Married to a POYNTER
Shipley Perry  Pvt G
Shites Nicholas  Cpl E
Shively William H. Pvt E
Shoeky Thomas P. Pvt K
Short William  Pvt H
Shoush James  Pvt C
Shrout Washington  Pvt A
Shuter George  Pvt K
Simpson Elijah  Pvt H Poss: 1809-1863 b. Buckeye Cem, Garrard co, KY wife Zerelda LEAR
Simpson George  Pvt H "Poss: ""Son of Mike"" d. 1904 b. Buckeye Cem, Garrard co, KY"
Sims George P. Cpl K
Sims James  Saddler H
Sims John H. 2nd Lt C
Sisson George M. 2nd Lt B
Skinner Benjamin  Pvt K
Skinner James W. Wagoner D
Skinner Phenis  Pvt A
Smith Benjamin  Pvt B
Smith Daniel K. Cpl B
Smith Harrison  Cpl D
Smith John J. Pvt E
Smith William H. Sgt G
Smith William O. Maj Staff
Smoot Woodville  Pvt A
Snapp John M. Pvt C
Snediger James  Pvt A
Snediger William B. Pvt A
Sorrell Archibald  Pvt A
Sorrell Calvin  Pvt A
Sorrell Jasper  Sgt M
Sorrell John  Pvt A
Sorrell William  Farrier M
Sparks Amos J. Pvt C
Spegle George W. Pvt E
Spillman Charles T. Surg Staff buried Paint Lick Cem, Garrard co 1820 - 1892; wife Nancy E. ARGO
Spradling Abraham W. Sgt D
Stacey George T. Capt F Recruited for 2nd KY Heavy Artillery, assigned 7th Cav, Co F, at muster out, transferred to Co H, 6th KY Veteran Cav
Stanfield Francis M. Pvt K Buried Pendleton Co, KY(contact David Bush: for more info  also see "Monument and Inscriptions of Pendleton Co., KY" by Nagle and Ford
Stanfield James  Pvt K
Stanfield Sherwood  Pvt K
Stanfield Thomas  Pvt K
Stanton John S. Pvt H
Stapp Oliver P. Sgt B
Steel Clark B. Pvt M
Steele Robert  Pvt M
Stephens Joseph  Pvt B
Stephens William H. Sgt G
Steward Nathan  Pvt D
Stewart Austin  Cpl B
Stewart Henry T. Pvt E
Stewart Henry T. Pvt G
Stiehl Travis S. Sgt M
Stockdale William A. Pvt C
Stoddard David  Pvt K
Stodghill Jno. S. 1st Lt B
Stone William H. Pvt E
Stover Samuel  Pvt C
Strode Harvey M. Pvt K
Strong John  Pvt B
Suddarth Henry J. Sgt C
Suddeth James  Cpl B
Sudduth Frank  Pvt C
Sullivan George  Pvt D
Sullivan John  Bugler G
Sullivan Sanford  Pvt D
Sutton John  Pvt C
Swain James  Bugler M
Swim Jeremiah T. Pvt A
Swim John  Pvt A
Taggart Robert  Pvt E
Talboot Henry H. Sgt C
Talbott Henry H. 2nd Lt A
Tanner John  Pvt H
Tappscott Uriah  Pvt B
Tarry James V. Pvt E
Taylor Augustine  Pvt B
Taylor Ezekiel E. Pvt M
Teats Thomas  Pvt D
Tebow John  Saddler M
Teel Die  Cpl M
Temple James M. Pvt H
Templeton Wesley A. Pvt B
Tewell John  Pvt E
Thomas James C. Com Sgt Staff
Thomas John A. Cpl C
Thompson William  Pvt M
Thornton Jeptha D. Capt H
Thornton Samuel D. Sgt E
Thrasher Stephen M. Pvt E KIA b. 05/13/1846 d. 08/18/1863  Buried Pendleton Co, KY(contact David Bush: for more info  also see "Monument and Inscriptions of Pendleton Co., KY" by Nagle and Ford
Throckmorton Mordecai  Sgt G
Tilly William  Pvt B
Tolsen William  Pvt K
Toy Andrew J. Pvt M
Trabue John  Cpl C
Trotter Augustus H. 1st Lt C
Truman John  Pvt E
Tumlin Zachariah  Pvt E
Turner William S. Pvt K
Underwood William  Pvt K
Urton Benjamin  Pvt B
Vance John  Pvt C
Vanlandingham M. B. Pvt A
Vanlandingham Stuart  Pvt A
Vanpelt Sanford D. 1st Lt A
Varner Jackson  Pvt B
Vaughan Andrew  Pvt B
Veil Jesse  Pvt E
Vice Millon  Pvt M
Vimont Lewis B. 2nd Lt C
Vimont Thomas J. Pvt C
Vimont Thomas T. Capt C also Lt Col w/ Field Staff
Vimont Thomas T. Lt Col Staff also Capt in Co C.
Vise John W. Pvt K
Vogan David  Pvt K
Vogan Henry  Pvt K
Wadsworth John S. Wagoner E
Wagamon Alason  Sgt E
Waldridge Benjamin  Pvt H
Walker Edwin H. 1st Lt H Poss: 1843-1910 B. Paint Lick Cem, Garrard co, KY w. Elizabeth WOODS
Walker Louis A. Pvt K
Walker William H. Pvt G
Waller Thomas H. Pvt B
Wallingford Oliver P. Pvt G
Walton Andrew  Pvt A
Walton Francis  Pvt A
Warford James H. Pvt G
Warren Benjamin F. Sgt M
Warren Calvin  Pvt B
Warren Felix  Pvt M
Warren Harvey  Pvt H Poss: 1828-1906 b. Buckeye Cem, Garrard co, KY
Warren James P. Pvt M
Warren John  Wagoner C
Warren Wilkins  2nd Lt M
Warren William  Pvt H
Waterfield John  Pvt E
Waters Charles  Sgt K
Watson Detmer P. Cpl B also Adjutant with Field Staff
Watson Detmer P. Adjts Staff also Cpl in Co B
Waught Washington L. Cpl C
Webber John S. Pvt B
Webster Daniel  Pvt B
Welch Dennis  Pvt D
Welch James  Pvt H
Welch Robert  Sgt M
Wells John  Pvt D
Wells Joseph  Bugler M
Wells Richard  Pvt M
Wells William  Cpl C
Wells Woodford  Pvt B
West George  Pvt B
West John  Pvt B
West John L. Pvt K
Westcott John L. Pvt K
Whaley Caleb S. Cpl G
Whaley John J. Pvt G
Whaley William T. Pvt G
Whalin William  Pvt B
Wheeler Squire  Pvt H
White Joseph R. Sgt B
White William A. Farrier C
Wilcoxen Isaac  Cpl B
Willett Thomas E. 1st Lt K
Willett Thomas E. Saddler C
Williams John  Pvt B
Williams John F. Cpl B
Willis Irvin  Pvt B
Wilson John  Farrier B
Wilson John T. Sgt E
Wilson Robert P. Pvt B
Wilson Scott C. Pvt M
Wilson Shelton  Pvt B
Wilson William  Farrier C
Winters Edward E. Pvt B
Wolff Solomon S. Asst Surg Staff
Woods James M. Pvt G
Workman Darlous E. Pvt K
Worsten James A. Sgt D
Worster Levi C. Cpl G
Wright Isham C. Sgt K
Wright Thomas  Pvt M
Wycoff Hugh  Pvt K
Yarbrough Harrison  Pvt M
Yazel John  Pvt A
York Coleman  Sgt K
York Coleman W. Chap Staff
York Daniel R. Pvt A
Youngman James W. Pvt G
-- from "Union Regiments of Kentucky"
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