Greene Co, IL

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William Perry BAKER came to Greene county in October 1867, bringing his wife and family.  They came from Garrard county, Kentucky for reasons unknown.  However, many Garrard county families can be found in Greene county after the civil war.  Therefore, we must assume someone wrote home and told of a better place.

I received the October 1867 date from the Civil War pension papers of William Perry BAKER, who served as a Private in the 7th Kentucky Cavalry (Union) from August 1862 to May 1865.

The BAKER family is found on the 1870 and 1880 Greene county census' as follows: 

 1870 Census 1880 Census
Age Sex Color
Name Age Sex Color Occupation
BAKER, William 42 M W Farmer BAKER, William 53 M W Farmer
Almyra 38 F W Housekeeper Elmira 44 F W Housekeeper
Rubin 18 M W at home left for Texas
S.E. ? F W  "    " see below KING
G.W. 12 M W  "    " William 22 M W at home
John 10 M W  "    " John 19 M W at school
Joseph 8 M W  "    " Joseph 17 M W at school
Rachel 4 M W  "    " Rachael 14 F W at school
Otho 2 M W  "    " Orther 12 M W at school
Frank 10 M W at school
Cavener 7 M W
KING, Elizabeth 24 F W keeping house
Robert 6 M W
Jacob 3 M W
William Perry died April 1, 1884.  He was buried in Hickory Grove Cemetery, Wrights Township, Greene county, IL.  William Perry joined the GAR and was a founding member of the Weisner Post #350 in Greenfield.

Almyra (STANTON) died May 15, 1894.  She was buried in Hickory Grove Cemetery, Wrights Township, Greene county, IL.

Reuben Henry left Illinois and went to Collin county, Texas, where he married Josephine L. BACCUS.  They had 5 children, and moved to Carter county, Oklahoma between 1880 and 1900.  Reuben died May 13, 1926 and is buried at Bomar Point Cemetery, Carter county, Oklahoma.

S.E. was Sarah Elizabeth, or Lizzie.  She married H.J. KING on Jan 13, 1875 and they had 2 boys.  Elizabeth died in Greene county on May 15, 1891.  She is buried in Carrollton.

G.W. is George William, or William.  GW married Nancy DUFF on Dec 15, 1886.  He and Nancy had several children, it is unknown if any survived to adulthood.  They lived their lives in Greene county, IL.

John G. BAKER married Margaret TUTTEROW on Aug 1, 1895.  John died Nov 2, 1908 in Greenfield.  At that time he had one surviving son, Arthur, who was reported to be in Colorado.  He was buried in West Cemetery, Greenfield.

Joseph was reported in Jacksonville, Morgan county, IL at the time of his mother's death in 1894, and living in California in 1908 when his brother John died.  No further information exists at this time.

Rachel married John W. WILLIAMS of Greene county on Jul 3, 1888.  They had one surviving child, Lewis V. WILLIAMS.  Sometime after 1900, this family moved to St. Louis, MO where they lived out their lives.  Rachel died sometime between 1933-1935.  John passed away in 1926.  Lewis V. was a school teacher and died in 1972.

Otho is Arthur L.  Arthur was the first child born in IL.  He became a barber, and lived with the Williams family both in Greene county and in St. Louis.  He passed away on Sep 21, 1911 in St. Louis, but was buried in Greenfield.

Frank was David Frank, and was known to be in St. Louis in 1908 when his brother John G. passed away.  No further information exists at this time.

Cavener was McCavender, the youngest child.  He too lived in St. Louis in 1908, and apparently lived out his days there.  It is believed he married a woman named Winifred, and had at least one child, McCavender BAKER Jr.

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