Roster A-L
Last First Rank Co Notes Researcher
Abbott Robert B. Sgt C

Abernathy Henry C. Sgt B

Ackmire James Farrier E

Adams Andrew Pvt H Poss. Andrew S. Adams 1832-1882 b. Andrew Adams Cem. Garrard co, KY
Adams Arthur Cpl A

Adams George Pvt D

Adams James D. Cpl H

Adams John M. Sgt A

Adams Samuel W. Cpl G

Alison J. M. Pvt C

Allen James A. Cpl D

Allen Samuel Bugler A

Ambrose M. J.W. Chap Staff

Anderson John H. Cpl H

Anderson Simeon Pvt H

Anderson William Sgt G

Annis Taylor W. Pvt D

Antrabus James Pvt C

Armotage Benjamin Pvt E

Arnett William Pvt B

Arnett William Pvt K

Asberry Clayton Pvt D

Asberry Franklin C. Cpl D

Ashcraft Alonzo P. Cpl D

Ashley James P. Capt C

Atchison James Pvt K

Atchison Samuel C. Pvt A

Atchison Silas Pvt A

Ausburn Henry C. Pvt E

Austin Hudson R. Pvt G

Baird James L. 2nd Lt H

Baird John F. Pvt H

Baird Joseph Sgt H

Baker Benjamin Pvt H

Baker James Pvt H "died 1915 age 76 ""Union Soldier"" b. Stringtown Cem. Garrard co, KY wife Catherine"
Baker Joseph Pvt H

Baker Phillip L. Pvt G

Baker William P. Pvt H died 1884 buried Hickory Grove Cem, Greene co, IL; wife AlmyraSTANTON
Bales William Pvt B

Barber James Sgt M

Barker Benjamin Pvt K

Barnes Grandison G. Sgt M

Barnett James H. Pvt E

Barnett John Pvt G

Barrett William Pvt G

Barry Bartholomew Pvt C

Bartley John Pvt K

Bateman Noah C. Wagoner K

Bateman William Pvt K

Bau Robert E. Cpl H

Beach Addison D. Pvt B

Beach William Wagoner E

Beagle Jasper H. Pvt B

Beaumont Thomas Pvt H also listed w/ Field & Staff
Beaumont Thomas Hosp Stwd Staff also Pvt in Co H
Beedle Curtis R. 1st Lt M

Beihn Frederick Pvt K

Bell William M. Sgt C

Bennett John M. Pvt K

Berkshire William Sgt G

Berry Jesse H. Capt I Consolidated with Company B.
Berry Jesse H. Capt B also listed w/ Co. L
Bettis William Pvt G

Bichu Frederick Cpl E

Biddle Jerome Cpl K

Bingham Henry Pvt K

Bishop John Pvt B

Bishop John Pvt C

Blackburn Benjamin T. Cpl E

Blackburn George W. Pvt B

Blackburn William B. Pvt E

Blackman Allison K. Pvt E

Blackman William J. Pvt E

Blake George R. Pvt G

Blake John L. Cpl D

Blake Thomas Pvt K

Bloom Andrew S. Maj Staff

Blythe William R. Pvt K

Boaez James Pvt M

Boaz Daniel Pvt B

Bolen David Pvt C

Boone Joseph Farrier G

Bostick Gabriel Pvt E

Bowles Martin N. Pvt B

Boyd Samuel G. Bugler A

Bradley George W. Pvt A

Bradley W. W. Capt D

Brady William W. Lt Col Staff

Brewer James W. 1st Lt G

Brewer John S. Pvt G

Brewer Richard 2nd Lt G

Brewer Richard Sgt G listed twice (2nd LT, SGT)
Brewer Sterling Pvt K

Briddock Joseph Cpl K

Brown Charles P. Pvt A

Brown George A. Pvt H Poss: 1804-1879 b. Brown Cem, Garrard co, KY wife Mary WHITE
Brown Lucius O. Pvt C

Brown William Sgt A

Brown Zachariah Pvt B

Bruce Edward Pvt B

Brush Peter Pvt E

Bryant Jesse Capt D

Bryant Robert Pvt K

Bryant William Pvt K

Buchanan Marion Pvt C

Buckley Edmond Cpl G

Buckley James W. Pvt G

Buckley John W. Pvt G

Burden Jarrott Pvt G

Burden Morilloe Pvt G

Burden Samuel Pvt G

Burkley Henry Pvt B

Burnam Andrew J. Asst Surg Staff

Burnes John Pvt B

Burns Alford Pvt M

Burns John Cpl M

Burns John Cpl E

Burns John E. Capt F Consolidated with Company M
Burns John E. Capt M also listed w/ Co F.
Burns Phillip Bugler B

Burton James Pvt B

Burton Jefferson Pvt B

Bush James Sgt E Buried Pendleton Co, KY. also see "Monumentand Inscriptions of Pendleton Co., KY" by Nagle and Ford. D.Bush has pension papers. David Bush:
Calway Frederick Cpl B

Campbell George Pvt K

Campbell James Pvt K

Campbell John B. Adjts Staff

Campbell John W. QMstr Staff

Campbell Joseph Pvt C

Canter James M. Saddler B

Carden James H. Pvt B

Carden William H. Pvt B

Cardwell Thomas Pvt B

Carlton Jno. M. Sgt B

Carlton John J. Cpl B

Carlton Robert E. Cpl B

Carpenter George W. Pvt M

Carpenter John M. Sgt H

Carr Thomas Pvt M

Cart Orville S. Cpl G

Carver Thomas Pvt B

Caswell Phillip S. Pvt G

Caughey Harvey G. Pvt G

Caughey James F. Pvt G

Caughey James M. Pvt G

Caveno Jno. Sgt B

Cayton George W. Pvt D

Cayton William A. Cpl B

Chaney Robert 2nd Lt G

Chipley Benjamin Pvt B

Chism Thomas Sgt D

Chrisman Jno. W. Sgt B

Chrystler Henry Pvt G

Church James Pvt H Listed Co A on headstone b. Peter Kennedy Cem, Garrard co, KY
Chysm Selby Pvt G

Clark John R. Pvt D

Clark Manilla C. Sgt D

Clark Robert Pvt M

Clark Thomas Cpl M

Clark William C. Sgt Maj Staff

Clarke William C. Pvt B

Clawser William Pvt B

Claypoole James H. Bugler C also Staff Bugler
Claypoole James H. Chf Bugler Staff also Pvt in Company C
Clem George W. Pvt D

Clemons James R. Cpl D

Coffer Andrew Pvt M

Coffer Reuben Pvt A

Coffer Thomas Sgt M

Cogswell Henry Pvt A

Cogswell Isaac Pvt A

Coleman William H. Bugler K

Collier Robert Maj Staff also Capt. in Co H
Collier Robert Capt H 1819-1878 b. Collier Cem, Garrard co, KY
Collier William J. Pvt D

Collins Edmond Pvt G

Collins Josiah Pvt G

Collover Joseph Pvt M

Conn Andrew J.T. Cpl H

Connelly Martin Sgt B

Conyers Thomas Cpl M

Conyers William M. Pvt M

Cook Jno. M. Capt I Originally a comany of 49th KY Infantry, re-enlisted as Company L of7th Cav, Transferred to Company E of 6th KY Veteran Cav at Muster out
Cook Joseph Pvt B

Cooper James M. Pvt E

Cooper Lorenzo D. Pvt C

Cord John M. Sgt K

Corey John Pvt A

Cosligon William Pvt M

Cox William H. Pvt K

Coyle Andrew K. Pvt M

Craig Absalom Vet Surg Staff

Craig James W. Cpl A

Craily Absalom Farrier D

Crain Simeon Capt M

Crawford Samuel Pvt G

Craycraft William B. Pvt K

Crear John Pvt B

Crombie James Pvt M

Crosby William Pvt D

Crouch John R. Saddler M

Crouch John W. Cpl D

Crouch William A. Pvt B

Cummings George W. Pvt G

Cunningham John Pvt M

Cupps Cornelius Pvt M

Curl William Pvt C

Curtis Daniel Pvt D

Curtis Henry Pvt D

Curtis John Pvt G

Dabney Joseph Pvt G

Daily Patrick Pvt B

Daily, Jr. Patrick Pvt B

Dale Henry B. Cpl B

Daugherty Charles P. Pvt B

Daugherty Daniel Pvt E

Daugherty George F. Pvt B

Daugherty George P. Pvt B

Daugherty Hugh Pvt B

Davis Barker Farrier E

Davis George W. Sgt A

Davis Jacob Bugler D

Davis Samuel H. Pvt H

Davis William B. Pvt C

Dawnord Joseph Pvt E

Delany Richard Pvt K

Dennis Joseph Pvt D

Dennis William Pvt M

Detzal Valentine Cpl E

Devny Patrick Pvt C

Dillon John Pvt K

Dollens George W. Cpl H

Dollens James T. Cpl H

Downey James H. Farrier A

Downey William A. Farrier A

Downing John Pvt B

Droper John M. Pvt E

Dunaway John P. Sgt D

Dunbar John P. Pvt B also Hosp Steward with Field Staff
Dunbar John P. Hosp Stwd Staff also Pvt in Co B
Duncan Hugh Pvt B

Dunn Thomas 2nd Lt H

Dunstill Joseph Pvt K

Earlywine James S. Pvt G

Eaton Jeremiah Pvt A

Eden Jacob Cpl M

Edmonds William H. Pvt D

Edward Milton Pvt D

Edwards James T. Pvt B

Elliott Napoleon B. Cpl E

Elliston Robert Cpl B

England Alexander Pvt B

England Andrew J. Pvt A

Estill David S. Pvt A

Evans John Pvt A

Farris Chyle Pvt K

Farris Levi Farrier K

Faulkner George Pvt K

Faulkner John K. Col Staff

Feeback Jesse Pvt G

Ferrell John E. Pvt B

Fields William J. Pvt G

Filson George M. Sgt A

Finnell Thomas B. Pvt D

Fish Charles Sgt C

Fisher James Wagoner M

Fisher John E. Pvt M

Fisher John J. Pvt M

Fitzpatrick Charles Sgt K

Fitzwaters Edmond Farrier G

Fletcher James D. Sgt H

Fletcher Patterson H. Sgt H

Flora Caliaway Pvt K

Flora John Pvt C

Flora John Pvt K

Flora Joseph M. Pvt K

Foley Frank Pvt K

Foley Thomas Pvt H

Foster John Pvt E

Foster Robert S. Pvt A

Frederick William Pvt K

Fredrick John Pvt C

Frisby Francis M. Sgt M

Frith Stanfield Pvt B

Fritts Jno. R. Pvt B also Hosp. Steward with Field Staff
Fritts John R. Hosp Stwd Staff also Pvt in Co B
Fronk William H. Pvt G

Fugett James H. Cpl K

Fuller Duncan Pvt B

Fuller James H. Pvt B

Fuller James L. Pvt G

Fuller Wesley Bugler B

Furiner George B. Pvt D

Gardner James H. Pvt E Buried Pendleton Co, KY also see "Monumentand Inscriptions of Pendleton Co., KY" by Nagle and Ford. D.Bush has pension papers. David Bush:
Gay William H. Pvt C

Gennett James T. Pvt G

Gensal John Pvt G

George Ancel Pvt H

Ghose Louis G. Pvt M

Gibbons Partrick Cpl C

Gillespie Alex. W. Pvt A

Glancey Thomas Pvt B

Gleason Michael Pvt G

Gohagen Silas 2nd Lt E

Goode Vernon Pvt B

Goodlow William Cpl M

Goodpasture David Cpl A

Goodpasture George W. Pvt A

Goodpasture Noah Pvt A

Goodpasture Robert Pvt M

Goshorn Sidney M. 1st Lt E

Gothorne Joseph Pvt K

Goulding Seneca Capt K

Grady Thomas Pvt C

Gragg James A. Cpl G

Graham James Pvt H

Gray James T. Pvt K

Gray William C. Sgt G

Green Albert F. Sgt A

Green Hiram M. Pvt C

Green Jackson G. Pvt B

Gregory John Pvt B

Gregory John Cpl M

Griffin John Pvt E

Grossbeck George A. Pvt D

Groves George W. Pvt D from Grant/Harrison counties
Gruelle Wallace W. 1st Lt B

Gruelle William W. Pvt G

Haggard Allen Pvt H

Hall John Pvt M

Hall Milton Pvt C

Hall Samuel Pvt H 1842-1926 b. Stringtown Cem, Garrard co, KY
Ham James Pvt M

Hamilton John Cpl K

Hamilton Samuel Pvt D

Hamilton William 1st Lt E

Hamilton William H. Saddler D

Hamilton William S. Pvt M

Hammack Andrew J. Cpl H buried Paint LickCem, Garrard co 18 Aug 1842 - 21 Apr 1912 wife MaryW.
Hanley Richard P. Sgt K

Hanson Tapley J. Pvt B

Hardeman William Sgt K

Harden John G. Bugler D

Harden John W. Pvt H

Hardy Ras. Pvt D

Hargett Benjamin Sgt A

Hargett Daniel H. Sgt A

Hargett Whitfield Farrier A

Harman David Pvt K

Harman Nelson Pvt H

Harrington Daniel Pvt G

Harrison Washington Farrier B

Harrison William Sgt A

Harvey Elbridge Pvt B

Hawes Samuel Pvt K

Hawin John Pvt G

Hawkins Harlan P. Sgt B

Hawkins James Pvt A

Hawkins John Pvt A

Hawkins William Pvt A

Hayden Barnabas T. Capt A

Hayden Elijah B. Sgt A

Heart Millon Cpl M

Hedges Henry C. Pvt B

Hedrick Michael Sgt A also Qtr Master Sgt with Field Staff
Hedrick Michael QM Sgt Staff also Sgt in Co A
Hedrick William Cpl A

Hefland James W. Cpl A

Helmich Louis Pvt E

Helton Lewis D. Pvt B

Hendrow John C. Pvt B

Herndon Preston Pvt B

Herring Daniel W. Pvt H

Hicks James Pvt E

Highlander William Saddler G

Highly George W. Pvt M

Hill Spencer P. Pvt A

Hitch Benjamin H. Sgt E Married Ella FIELDS 1849-1915. 1844-1934 buried Concord CemeteryPendleton Co, KY(contact David Bush: for more info also see "Monument and Inscriptions of Pendleton Co., KY" by Nagle andFord
Holland Francis M. Farrier K

Holland William Pvt K

Holman Daniel Pvt H

Holmes Jorden Pvt H

Honaker James Pvt M

Hood Henry Pvt B

Hopkins David W. Pvt K

Hopkins Jno. T. 1st Lt B

Hopkins Joshlin J. Pvt K

Hopper William R. Farrier C

Hopwood Addison S. Pvt B

Hueston William H. Pvt B

Hull Moses Pvt D

Hull William F. Pvt D

Hull, Sr. William Pvt D

Humphris Eli Pvt K

Hunter Charles Pvt B

Huributt Joseph Pvt B

Hyatt Henry C. Cpl G

Hyles James H. Pvt D

Hysink John E. Cpl E

Ingram George W. Pvt A

Ingram William 2nd Lt A

Ireland James M. Pvt C

Isbell John T. Farrier C

Isham Moses Pvt H

Ishmeal James R. Pvt C

Jackson Henry Pvt B

Jackson John K. Pvt K

Jackson William B. Pvt B

Jackson William H. Wagoner B

Jacobs Benjamin Cpl B

James Benjamin Pvt D

James Christopher Pvt B

Jennings Isaac V. Pvt M

Jett John Pvt D

Johnson Ebenezer A. Cpl A

Johnson William Pvt H

Jones Andrew J. 1st Lt D

Jones Charles F. Cpl A

Jones Charles N. Pvt B

Jones Guy Farrier D

Jones James Pvt M

Jones James Pvt D

Jones James A. Pvt A

Jones Jerry Pvt A

Jones Joseph Pvt M

Jones Richard M.J. Cpl D Possibly Served Co. E. Buried Pendleton Co, KY also see "Monument and Inscriptions of Pendleton Co., KY" by Nagle and Ford David Bush:
Jones Thomas Sgt M

Joslen James M. Pvt H (JOSLIN, JOSLYN)
Kelley William O.B. Pvt B

Kennedy John F. Farrier H

Kennedy Samuel T. Pvt H

Kent Jeremiah Pvt B

Kenton William J. Cpl G

Keogh Peter Pvt B

Kerby George M. Pvt H

Kerby William M. 1st Lt H

Kidwell David D. Pvt E

Kidwell William Pvt E

King Henry A. Cpl B

King Wesley Pvt H "Wesley K. King ""Union Soldier"" d 1920 age 76 b. Scotts Fork Church Cem, Garrard co, KY"
Kirkendale John Pvt H descendant of David Thompson
Kisinger Tilmon Pvt B

Kissick John Pvt A

Knapp Samuel Pvt B

Knox John W. Pvt M

LaForce Zachariah T. Sgt D

Laford Joseph Pvt E

Lamb Henry H. Pvt B

Lancaster John B. Pvt K

Langsdale William H. Pvt B

Lanter Henson Cpl D

Lanter Newton Cpl D

Laughland Patrick Cpl C

Lawler Michael Pvt C

Lawrence Marion Pvt B

Lawson Franklin Pvt M

Lawson George Pvt H

Lawson Jeremiah N. Saddler D

Lawson John Pvt D

Lawson John T. Pvt G

Lawson Jospeh Pvt M

Lawson Moses Pvt H

Lawson William Farrier B

Lee Aaron 1st Lt A

Lendingburg Joseph S. Farrier E

Letart William P. Pvt D

Likes Andrew Pvt A

Locker John Pvt H

Long James H. Pvt H

Lovelace Milton Cpl E

Lovelace Thomas C. Pvt E

Lovelace Zachariah Sgt E

Low James Pvt K

Lowe Isaac Pvt A

Lowery James L. Pvt B

Lunsford Elisha Pvt E

Lunsford Enoch Pvt E

Luntsford Daniel Pvt H

Luntsford Enoch Pvt H

Lyde Jefferson Pvt B

Lynch Edward Pvt C

Lytle James Pvt B