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bullet 1st Wife was born.(1)

She was married to Col. William GARRARD before 1736. (2) Children were: Daniel GARRARD Sr..

bullet Ann

She was married to James JARRELL. Children were: Elizabeth JARRELL, Nancy JARRELL , Mary "Polly" JARRELL.

bullet Anneke (3)

She was married to "Ben" REVENBOER Jr.. Children were: Annelies REVENBOER, Peter REVENBOER, Paul REVENBOER.

bullet Anny

Children were: Susan CROUCHER.

bulletC. (4) was born about 1820 in Illinois.

She was married to John KING. Children were: A. KING, H.J. KING, Samuel KING, Mattie KING, Thomas KING, John KING, Elzina KING.

bullet Carol (5)

Children were: Mary Jo "Jodi" WIDGER.

bulletCaroline (6).

She was married to Green BEDFORD.(7) They were from Bourbon county, KY. Children were: Margaret A. BEDFORD.

bullet Catherine

She was married to Robert KEETON. Children were: Julia M. KEETON.

bullet Catherine (8) was born in Feb 1827 in Virginia.

She was married to TUTTEROW. Children were: Margaret "Maggie" TUTTEROW.

bullet Clementine

She was married to McCavender BAKER Jr. about 1939 in St. Louis, MO.

bullet Elizabeth (9)

Children were: John GULSTON.

bulletElizabeth (10).

Children were: Phyllis REILLY.

bulletElizabeth (11).

She was married to Jacob FRY.(12) From Kentucky. Children were: Elizabeth FRY.

bullet Elizabeth was born in , Rockcastle, KY.

Children were: Adam E. TANKERSLY, George Thomas TANKERSLY, Fountain TANKERSLY, Nicholas TANKERSLY.

bulletElizabeth ( F. ?)(13) was born about 1830 in Kentucky.

bulletFanny (14).

Children were: Nancy ROUT.

bulletGlenda (15).

She was married to Monty BRINKER.(15) Children were: Glenn BRINKER.

bullet Jane (9)

Children were: Dr. William GULSTON.

bulletJean (15).

She was married to Joseph WITHERS.(15) Children were: Jan Michelle WITHERS.

bullet Kennedy 2nd Marriage for Bonnie WHITE GARRARD.

bulletLettey .

She was married to Temple JOHNSON. Children were: Thomas Jefferson JOHNSON.

bullet Lulu M.(16) was born about 1901 in Illinois.

She was married to Lewis V. WILLIAMS.

bullet Malinda (17) was born about 1831.

She was married to Berry HOLMES. Children were: James HOLMES, Christian HOLMES, Issac HOLMES, Mary HOLMES.

bullet Margaret was born about 1816 in Kentucky. Is this Peggy Finn? married 6-2-1828, bond by Wm. COOK?

Children were: Martin BAKER, William BAKER, Lewis BAKER, Joseph BAKER, Isham BAKER.

bulletMargaret . 2nd wife of Thomas Bills

bulletMargaret (18).

She was married to Thomas LINDSAY.(19) Children were: Col. Nimrod Long LINDSAY.

bullet Mary (20) was born about 1808 in Kentucky.

Children were: David BAKER, Patsy J. BAKER, Nancy BAKER, Sally BAKER, Elizabeth BAKER, Susan BAKER.

bulletMary (21).

She was married to Philip GRYMES.(22) Children were: Stephen GRYMES.

bullet Mary Ann

She was married to Fleming STAUNTON before 1823. She was divorced from Fleming STAUNTON in Sep 1823 in , Garrard, KY. (14-54-398) Bk 8-178 Reads in part:

"This day came the complaintant by his counsel ? it appearing by the sheriffs return that the subpoena (sic) ? ? was executed on the defendant on the 21st day of February 1823 ? ? defendant failing to appear and answer the ? bill herein therefore upon the motion of the complainant by his counsel it is ordered that the ? of the compt. and the allegations therein be and the same is hereby taken as confessed. And therfore this cause came on and was heard on the bill and depositions filed and the court being now sufficiently advised of and concerning the premises do decree and order that the complaintant be and he is hereby divorced from the defendant, and that the marriage vow and contract entered into are ? between the compt. and defendant be canceled set aside and held for naught and that each party pay their own costs in this suit enforced ?

bullet Myrtle

She was married to Joseph George HOSKINS.

bullet Nancy (23) was born about 1837 in Kentucky.

She was married to Christian HOLMES. Children were: Elizabeth HOLMES, Mary J. HOLMES.

bullet Nancy J.(13) was born about 1831 in Kentucky.

Children were: Mary E. BAKER, Martha J. BAKER.

bulletNina? (24) was born about 1830 in Kentucky.

She was married to David BAKER. Children were: Mary E. BAKER, Joseph L. BAKER, Rachel BAKER, Sarah B. BAKER, Manda BAKER, Melinda BAKER.

bullet Orlena was born in Tennessee.

Children were: B.S. BACCUS , M.E. BACCUS.

bulletPat (15).

She was married to Larry Mitchell WILEY.(15) Children were: Maria WILEY, Lauren WILEY.

bullet Peggy (15)

She was married to Willoughby WITHERS.(15) Children were: Timothy WITHERS, Baby Girl WITHERS.

bullet Rebecca (10)

Children were: Carrie HUEY.

bulletRose . of Lubbock

She was married to James WOOD.

bullet Roxie Ann was born on 11 May 1828. She died on 28 Feb 1905. (25) She was buried in Baccus Cemetery, Collin, TX. (25)

Children were: George C. BACCUS, Jacob C. BACCUS, John BACCUS, Louisa BACCUS, Ellenor BACCUS, Peter BACCUS.

bulletSally (26) was born about 1820.

She was married to James BAKER. Children were: Susan Jane BAKER, Eliza BAKER, John BAKER, Abram BAKER, Martha BAKER.

bullet Sally

She was married to William FINN. Children were: Nancy FIN.

bullet Sarah

Children were: Louvisa SHIPLETT.

bulletSarah (27).

Children were: Rebecca MARSHALL.

bulletSarah J.(28) was born about 1825 in Kentucky.

She was married to Abraham BAKER. Children were: Willis BAKER, Sarah E. BAKER .

bullet Susan

She was married to Joseph BAKER. Children were: Samuel BAKER.

bullet Tacy (29) was born ba 1805 in Kentucky.

Children were: Thomas PERKINS.

bulletWilma (30).

She was married to James Edward BROWN.(30) Children were: Don BROWN.

bullet Winifred

She was married to McCavender "Mack" BAKER about 1930 in St. Louis, MO.(31) Children were: McCavender BAKER Jr..

bullet Catherine ?FRANKS?(25)

Children were: Peter BACCUS, Michael BACCUS, Christian BACCUS, James BACCUS.

bulletJane ?HAWKINS?(9) was born in 1688. She died in 1796.

Children were: William GHOLSON Sr. , Anthony GHOLSON Jr., Elizabeth GHOLSON, Lucy GHOLSON, Unknown GHOLSON, John GHOLSON.

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