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bullet William Liberty EDWARDS(15) was born about 1853 in Arkansas. Parents: James Garrard EDWARDS and Mary Ann NORWOOD.

bullet Lou V. EIB(10) of St. Joseph, MO

Children were: John N. MARTIN, Runcie MARTIN.

bulletE.C. ELLIOTT.

He was married to Mary Thomas SMITSON on 22 Apr 1862. Children were: Ida Frances ELLIOTT .

bullet Ida Frances ELLIOTT was born on 23 Jul 1857. Parents: E.C. ELLIOTT and Mary Thomas SMITSON.

She was married to S. G. MATHEWS in Dec 1890.

bullet Mary EMMONS(682)

She was married to Thomas BEDFORD on 14 Sep 1869. (683) They lived in Monroe county, MO.

bullet Rosie ENGLISH(40)

She was married to Benjamin GREER in 1902.

bullet Thomas W. ENGLISH(15)

He was married to Arabella Josephine EDWARDS on 25 Aug 1857 in , Hempstead, AR.(15)

bullet Harley ETHRIDGE

He was divorced from Geneva BROWN. Children were: Harley (Hal) ETHRIDGE.

bullet Tiffany L'nea ETHRIDGE was born on 13 Apr 1981 in Brownwood, TX. Parents: Harley (Hal) ETHRIDGE and Constance "Connie" LAMBES .

bullet William EVANS(10) of Madisonville, KY

bulletCharles FARIS(15) was born on 5 Sep 1874. Parents: Hiram FARIS and Lucinda Garrard WHITE.

bullet Delia FARIS(15) was born on 27 Sep 1880. Parents: Hiram FARIS and Lucinda Garrard WHITE.

bullet Hiram FARIS(15)

He was married to Lucinda Garrard WHITE.(15) Children were: Charles FARIS, Mary G. FARIS, Delia FARIS, William T. FARIS.

bullet Mary G. FARIS(15) was born on 6 Apr 1876. Parents: Hiram FARIS and Lucinda Garrard WHITE.

bullet William T. FARIS(15) was born in Sep 1891. Parents: Hiram FARIS and Lucinda Garrard WHITE.

bullet Mary Ella FARRINGTON

She was married to Carleton Hamilton CLARK.(684) Children were: Nellie Josephine CLARK, Louise CLARK, Carl H. CLARK.

bullet David P. FAULDS(685) of Louisville, KY

He was married to Mary Eddie SCOTT. (686)

bullet Leslie FERRIS(10) of St. Louis, MO

bulletFannie FIELD(10). of Saline County, MO

She was married to Edward Dudley GARRARD on 7 Jun 1868. Children were: Frank Field GARRARD.

bullet Nancy FIN(687) was born about 1803 in , Jessamine, KY. She died on 6 Apr 1857 in Scotts Fork, Garrard, KY. of Flux, Age 47, Attended by Dr. Pettus Parents: William FINN and Sally.

She was married to Samuel BAKER on 27 Sep 1828 in , Garrard, KY. Bondsman Royal Shore, Consent by Lucy Phin, mother of the bride. Children were: Sally BAKER, Jane BAKER, Joseph BAKER, Allen BAKER, Martha BAKER.

bullet William FINN

He was married to Sally. Children were: Nancy FIN.

bullet Charles S. FISHER(688) was born on 26 Apr 1873. Parents: James Ellis FISHER and Charlotte Elizabeth MCMASTER.

bullet James Ellis FISHER(689)

He was married to Charlotte Elizabeth MCMASTER on 2 May 1872. (690) Children were: Charles S. FISHER, Phineas McMaster FISHER.

bullet Margaret FISHER(691)

She was married to John STEPHENS on 22 Apr 1813. (692) Children were: Margaret STEPHENS , Lucy STEPHENS, Joseph L. STEPHENS, Thomas F. STEPHENS, John W. STEPHENS, Berthenia M. STEPHENS, William D. STEPHENS, Nathaniel B. STEPHENS, Martin F. STEPHENS.

bullet Mary FISHER Mrs.(10) Maiden name unknown.

Children were: James E. HAMILTON.

bulletMary FISHER.

She was married to Thomas STEPHENS in 1818.(693) Children were: Asbury STEPHENS, Nelson STEPHENS, Martin M. STEPHENS, Isaac STEPHENS, Margaret P. STEPHENS, Lucy C. STEPHENS, Dr. Thomas Garrard STEPHENS, Joseph S. STEPHENS , Harrison STEPHENS, Franklin STEPHENS, Mary Ann STEPHENS, Nathaniel STEPHENS, Fletcher STEPHENS.

bullet Phineas McMaster FISHER(694) was born on 22 Sep 1874. Parents: James Ellis FISHER and Charlotte Elizabeth MCMASTER.

bullet Elliot Jamison FLOOD was born on 28 Oct 1908. He died on 28 Aug 1963. Karen Annette BAKER REVENBOER did private duty nursing during Elliot's illness, just before he died. He died of complications from an ulcer operation which resulted in peritonitis. Elliot was an engineer for Phelps Dodge and also worked on the Panama Canal project. He also was an Arizona State Senator. Elliot built the model of the Jerome mines that can be found in the Museum in Jerome, AZ, in 1935.

He has a child, Larry Flood who resides in CA, from a previous marriage.

He was married to Agatha Lillian BAKER.

Children were: Larry FLOOD.

bulletJohn W. FLOORE(15).

He was married to Sallie A. WHITE. (15) Children were: Theresa FLOORE, Thomas W. FLOORE.

bullet Theresa FLOORE(15) Parents: John W. FLOORE and Sallie A. WHITE.

bullet Thomas W. FLOORE(15) Parents: John W. FLOORE and Sallie A. WHITE.

bullet Ella FLOWERS(695)

She was married to Charles Green BITTICK. (696)

bullet Judith FLOYD

She was married to John B. GHOLSON.

bullet John FOLKS(697) of Dyer county, TN.

He was married to Susan Waller COMSTOCK. Children were: Lota FOLKS.

bullet Lota FOLKS(698) Parents: John FOLKS and Susan Waller COMSTOCK.

She was married to Harry HILL.

bullet Kenneth Douglas FOLLIS World War II 1943-1945 22 mo. in Pacific

He was married to Betty Jean PERRY on 29 Mar 1946 in El Paso, TX.

bullet Eliza FOOKES(15)

Children were: Irene C. FOOKES.

bulletIrene C. FOOKES. Parents: Eliza FOOKES.

She was married to George Alexander WITHERS on 28 Dec 1871 in Cynthiana, KY.(699) (15) Children were: Bennie WITHERS, Maud Myrtle WITHERS, William E. WITHERS, Bertie WITHERS, Monroe WITHERS, Georgia Ann WITHERS.

bullet Frank Morton FORD(10) was born on 12 Nov 1895. Parents: Robert Carrick FORD and Emma GARRARD.

bullet Lucy Lees FORD(10) was born on 31 Jan 1897. Parents: Robert Carrick FORD and Emma GARRARD.

bullet Robert Carrick FORD(10) President of the Manufacturer's Bank of Middlesborough, KY.

He was married to Emma GARRARD on 10 Nov 1892. Children were: Theophilus Garrard FORD, Frank Morton FORD, Lucy Lees FORD.

bullet Theophilus Garrard FORD(10) was born on 30 Oct 1893. Parents: Robert Carrick FORD and Emma GARRARD.

bullet Kate FORMAN(700)

She was married to George Stephens VARDEN. (701) Children were: George Kent VARDEN , Mary Fleming VARDEN, Joseph Stephens VARDEN, White Foreman VARDEN, Elizabeth Blair VARDEN.

bullet Elizabeth F. FORSEE

She was married to Levi MCCULLOM . Children were: Levi MCCULLOM.

bullet Amanda E. FOSTER(702) (703)(704) was born in Mar 1848 in Mississippi. 1900 Census list her as mother of 13 children, 8 living. Lists her mother and father both born Mississippi.

Children were: Robert R. DAVIS, Mollie DAVIS, Howard DAVIS.

She was married to Charles Steward "Charley" JORDAN about 1866.(705) 1900 Census, Hill county, TX lists following individuals also enumerated with Charley and Amanda:

Name Relation Birth Age Birthplace
Davis, Robert R. SS 03-1872 28 TX
Mollie SD 02-1873 27 TX
Howel? SS 08-1897 02 TX
Price?, Ross A. GC 03-1886 14 TX Children were: Mollie JORDAN, Sallie JORDAN, Ella JORDAN, Issac JORDAN, Anna JORDAN, Charles JORDAN, Maude Elmira JORDAN, Bulah JORDAN, Annie M. JORDAN, Laura Belle JORDAN.

bullet E.P. FRANK(10)

bulletNancy FRAZIER(10). of Harrison, KY

Children were: Thomas W. GARRARD, Stephen L. GARRARD.

bulletWilliam Henry FREEMAN.

He was married to Lucy Louisa GHOLSON on 15 Dec 1856.

bullet Gen. Carey FRY died in 1872 in California. He was buried in 1872 in Frankfort, KY.(706)

He was married to Ellen GWATHMEY in 1854.(707)

bullet Elizabeth FRY(10) died on 12 Apr 1836 in Hannibal, MO. Parents: Jacob FRY and Elizabeth.

She was married to Massena GARRARD on 8 Feb 1825.(708) They moved to Missouri in 1832, and lived near Hannibal. Children were: Ann Eliza GARRARD, Edward Hector GARRARD, James L. GARRARD, Daniel GARRARD, William P. GARRARD, Amanda Maria GARRARD.

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