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bullet Sophia E. HAMILTON(1178). Parents: John B. HAMILTON and Mary Ann WITHERS.

bulletTennie HAMILTON(1179). of Gibson county, TN.

She was married to Dr. Dudley Garrard TULL . Children were: James TULL, Clara Bell TULL, Irene TULL, John H. TULL.

bullet Thomas HAMILTON(10) Parents: Joseph Duncan HAMILTON and Nellie SULLIVAN.

bullet Ward Anderson HAMILTON(10) was born on 10 Nov 1847. Lived in Cincinnati, OH, in the livestock commission business. Parents: Edward A. HAMILTON and Sallie Johnson GARRARD.

Children were: Harry Ward HAMILTON, Joseph Duncan HAMILTON, John Edward HAMILTON.

bulletWilliam E. HAMILTON(10) was born in 1868. He died on 20 Nov 1883. Parents: Josiah F. HAMILTON and Matilda L. AMBROSE.

bullet Martin Luthur HAMLETT(40)

He was married to Martha W. "Mattie" GREER on 16 Jul 1905 in Brownwood, Brown, TX.

bullet Frances HANCOK(10)

bulletPat HANKS died on 20 Mar 1945 in Luzon. Killed on Luzon P.I. 32nd Inf., 6th Army

He was married to Betty Jean PERRY on 2 Dec 1942 in Hobbs, NM.

bullet Amos Sylvester HANSHEW

He was married to Mary E. STEPHENS .(1180)

bullet Alice HARDIN(15)

She was married to David LOWE. Children were: Lisa LOWE.

bullet HARGROVE (1181) of Williamson county, TN.

He was married to Margaret COMSTOCK.

bullet John Lindsey HARGROVE(1182) was born on 26 Jan 1826 in Tennessee. He died on 21 May 1902 in Mitchell, TX.

He was married to Caroline GARRARD in 1852. (1183)

bullet Omar Hassen HARGROVE(1184) was born in 1820 in Alabama. He died in 1865 in Tennessee.

He was married to Emmaline GARRARD in 1850.(1185)

bullet Daniel HARKLESS

He was married to Nancy B. GHOLSON .

bullet Catherine R. HARMEN(40) was born on 8 Nov 1781. She died on 16 Dec 1865. She was buried in Greer Cem., Bedford, TN.

She was married to Thomas GREER on 4 Jun 1801 in , Jefferson, TN. Children were: John Alexander GREER, Lewis Vance GREER, Mary Vance GREER, George W. GREER, Benjamin F. GREER, Archibald Jackson GREER.

bullet HARNEY (15)

He was married to Georgia Ann WITHERS.(15)

bullet Pearl HARNEY(15) Parents: Willoughby HARNEY and Sarah MASON.

She was married to Monroe WITHERS on 11 Dec 1904 in , Harrison, KY.(15) Children were: Otis WITHERS, Emery Harney WITHERS Sr, George Jewell WITHERS, Benita WITHERS, Willoughby WITHERS, Betty Irene WITHERS.

bullet Willoughby HARNEY(15)

He was married to Sarah MASON. Children were: Pearl HARNEY.

bullet Etholene Fern Nichols HARPER

She was married to Walter Leonard BROWN on 2 Apr 1949.(30)

bullet Burton HART(40)

He was married to Isabella A. "Anniebelle" GREER.

bullet Henry Clay HART(40)

He was married to Elizabeth Caroline "Lizzie" GREER on 10 Jun 1873.

bullet John HART(1186) of Newbern, TN.

He was married to Willie TOWNSHEND.

bullet John J. HART(40)

He was married to Betsy Ann BURTON. Children were: Nancy Jane C. HART .

bullet Nancy Jane C. HART(1187) was born about 1849 in Texas. She died on 24 Aug 1913 in Texas. (40) She was a Housewife. Father born MO, Mother born AR Parents: John J. HART and Betsy Ann BURTON.

She was married to Jacob Tipton "Tom" GREER on 22 Aug 1872.(1188) Children were: Michel Dillingham GREER, Betsy Anne "Annie" GREER, Lewis Vance GREER , Benjamin GREER, Robert GREER, Burton GREER, Martha W. "Mattie" GREER, Nancy Miranda "Randy" GREER, Josie GREER, Emory GREER.

bullet Si HART(40)

He was married to Kate GREER.

bullet Mattie Jane HARVELL

She was married to Thomas ZACHRY . Children were: Lela Maud ZACHRY.

bullet Elizabeth HATCHER(15)

She was married to John KING.(15) Children were: Sylvia Kay KING.

bullet Louise HATTERICK(15)

She was married to George Jewell WITHERS on 6 Mar 1926 in , Harrison, KY.(15) Children were: Don WITHERS, Gayle WITHERS, Patti Sue WITHERS.

bullet Thomas W. HAWKINS

He was married to Ann Elinor GARRARD on 26 Mar 1808.

bullet William Jason HAWKINS(10) died on 14 Jul 1878. of "Greenfields", Fayette County, KY

bulletNelda HAY. of Breckenridge

Children were: Frances Ruth JENKINS, Richard Alva JENKINS.

bulletJ.E. HEAD.

He was married to Susan H. BACCUS on 23 Sep 1879. by C.A. Stanton

bullet F.A. HEDGECOCK(10)

bulletArabella HEDGES(1189). Parents: J.T. HEDGES and Eliza TRIMBLE.

bulletGeorge Perrin HEDGES(1190). Parents: J.T. HEDGES and Eliza TRIMBLE.

bulletGertrude HEDGES(1191). Parents: J.T. HEDGES and Eliza TRIMBLE.

bulletHenry Berkly HEDGES(1192) was born on 29 Jul 1890. Parents: J.M. HEDGES and Arabella Edwards SMITH.

bullet J.M. HEDGES

He was married to Arabella Edwards SMITH on 28 Jun 1888.(1193) Children were: Henry Berkly HEDGES, James M. HEDGES.

bullet J.T. HEDGES of Cynthiana, KY

He was married to Eliza TRIMBLE.(1194) Children were: George Perrin HEDGES, Gertrude HEDGES, Arabella HEDGES, William Trimble HEDGES, James Thacher Trimble HEDGES.

bullet James M. HEDGES(1195) was born on 4 Nov 1892. Parents: J.M. HEDGES and Arabella Edwards SMITH.

bullet James T. HEDGES

He was married to Mary Eliza SMISER on 12 Aug 1884.(1196)

bullet James Thacher Trimble HEDGES(1197) Parents: J.T. HEDGES and Eliza TRIMBLE .

bullet William Trimble HEDGES(1198) Parents: J.T. HEDGES and Eliza TRIMBLE.

bullet Annie HENDERSON

Children were: Jesse GREGORY, Tom GREGORY, Lewis GREGORY, Annie Faye GREGORY.

bulletJohn Cecil "Jack" HENDERSON was born on 2 Sep 1898 in Denison, TX. (334) He died on 26 Feb 1978 in Electra, Wichita, TX.(334) He had Social Security Number 450-05-4770.(1199)

He was married to Kathryn Lee "Kitty" GREER on 16 Sep 1922 in Henrietta, TX. Children were: Richard Elwin HENDERSON , Iris Elaine HENDERSON, Helen Laura HENDERSON.

bullet Richard Elwin HENDERSON was born on 26 Feb 1924 in Electra, Wichita, TX. (334) He died on 22 Sep 1978 in Abilene, TX. (334) Parents: John Cecil "Jack" HENDERSON and Kathryn Lee "Kitty" GREER .

He was married to Marilyn Maxine MILLER on 15 Jun 1953. Children were: Marilyn Amelia HENDERSON.

bullet Robert HENRY(10)

He was married to Emma S. GARRARD.(1200)

bullet Addie HENSLEY(1201) Parents: Harvey HENSLEY and Lucinda Jane BRAWNER.

bullet Annie Maria HENSLEY(1202) Parents: Harvey HENSLEY and Lucinda Jane BRAWNER.

bullet Daniel Garrard HENSLEY(1203) died before 1898. Parents: Harvey HENSLEY and Lucinda Jane BRAWNER.

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