Rank Last First Notes
Capt Berry Jesse H. also listed w/ Co. L
Capt McNeely Charles C. McNeeley also Maj on Field Staff
1st Lt Gruelle Wallace W.
1st Lt Hopkins Jno. T.
1st Lt Nichols Dennis
1st Lt Oden Thomas M.
1st Lt Stodghill Jno. S.
2nd Lt Oden James H.
2nd Lt Sisson George M. Later promoted to Capt. He went on to become a county clerk in Gallatin County and has a biography in the KYBIOG project online. Contact: Rhoda Meier at who also has a war time diary.
Sgt Abernathy Henry C.
Sgt Carlton Jno. M.
Sgt Caveno Jno.
Sgt Chrisman Jno. W.
Sgt Connelly Martin
Sgt Hawkins Harlan P.
Sgt Merchant Alfred
Sgt Morrow Jno. L.
Sgt Rogers Barton S.
Sgt Stapp Oliver P.
Sgt White Joseph R.
Cpl Calway Frederick
Cpl Carlton John J.
Cpl Carlton Robert E.
Cpl Cayton William A.
Cpl Dale Henry B.
Cpl Elliston Robert
Cpl Jacobs Benjamin
Cpl King Henry A.
Cpl McMann James C.
Cpl Shaw John
Cpl Smith Daniel K.
Cpl Stewart Austin
Cpl Suddeth James
Cpl Watson Detmer P. also Adjutant with Field Staff
Cpl Wilcoxen Isaac
Cpl Williams John F.
Bugler Burns Phillip
Bugler Fuller Wesley
Bugler Merton William Z.
Bugler Morris Joseph
Wagoner Jackson William H.
Wagoner Ramsey William
Saddler Canter James M.
Farrier Harrison Washington
Farrier Lawson William
Farrier Wilson John
Pvt Arnett William
Pvt Bales William
Pvt Beach Addison D.
Pvt Beagle Jasper H.
Pvt Bishop John
Pvt Blackburn George W.
Pvt Boaz Daniel
Pvt Bowles Martin N.
Pvt Brown Zachariah
Pvt Bruce Edward
Pvt Burkley Henry
Pvt Burnes John
Pvt Burton James
Pvt Burton Jefferson
Pvt Carden James H.
Pvt Carden William H.
Pvt Cardwell Thomas
Pvt Carver Thomas
Pvt Chipley Benjamin
Pvt Clarke William C.
Pvt Clawser William
Pvt Cook Joseph
Pvt Crear John
Pvt Crouch William A.
Pvt Daily Patrick
Pvt Daily, Jr. Patrick
Pvt Daugherty Charles P.
Pvt Daugherty George F.
Pvt Daugherty George P.
Pvt Daugherty Hugh
Pvt Downing John
Pvt Dunbar John P. also Hosp Steward with Field Staff
Pvt Duncan Hugh
Pvt Edwards James T.
Pvt England Alexander
Pvt Ferrell John E.
Pvt Frith Stanfield
Pvt Fritts Jno. R. also Hosp. Steward with Field Staff
Pvt Fuller Duncan
Pvt Fuller James H.
Pvt Glancey Thomas
Pvt Goode Vernon
Pvt Green Jackson G.
Pvt Gregory John
Pvt Hanson Tapley J.
Pvt Harvey Elbridge
Pvt Hedges Henry C.
Pvt Helton Lewis D.
Pvt Hendrow John C.
Pvt Herndon Preston
Pvt Hood Henry
Pvt Hopwood Addison S.
Pvt Hueston William H.
Pvt Hunter Charles
Pvt Huributt Joseph
Pvt Jackson Henry
Pvt Jackson William B.
Pvt James Christopher
Pvt Jones Charles N.
Pvt Kelley William O.B.
Pvt Kent Jeremiah
Pvt Keogh Peter
Pvt Kisinger Tilmon
Pvt Knapp Samuel
Pvt Lamb Henry H.
Pvt Langsdale William H.
Pvt Lawrence Marion
Pvt Lowery James L.
Pvt Lyde Jefferson
Pvt Lytle James
Pvt Mace Edward
Pvt Madgan Dennis
Pvt Mahar William
Pvt Mathews John
Pvt McAtee Richard
Pvt McCalaway John
Pvt McCauley Alfred
Pvt McMillian John
Pvt Miller William
Pvt Morelock Joseph also Sgt Maj w/ Field Staff
Pvt Morgan Charles
Pvt Moulton David
Pvt Murry Murty
Pvt Pedigo Joseph
Pvt Pierce William
Pvt Porter Culvin V.
Pvt Price Charles S.
Pvt Purcell James T.
Pvt Randall John W.
Pvt Redman Willis
Pvt Roberts Merrill
Pvt Robertson A. D.
Pvt Rose Duret
Pvt Rose Robertson
Pvt Ross Daniel W.
Pvt Saucy James
Pvt See James
Pvt Shankley George
Pvt Sharpe John
Pvt Sheperd John
Pvt Smith Benjamin
Pvt Stephens Joseph
Pvt Strong John
Pvt Tappscott Uriah
Pvt Taylor Augustine
Pvt Templeton Wesley A.
Pvt Tilly William
Pvt Urton Benjamin
Pvt Varner Jackson
Pvt Vaughan Andrew
Pvt Waller Thomas H.
Pvt Warren Calvin
Pvt Webber John S.
Pvt Webster Daniel
Pvt Wells Woodford
Pvt West George
Pvt West John
Pvt Whalin William
Pvt Williams John
Pvt Willis Irvin
Pvt Wilson Robert P.
Pvt Wilson Shelton
Pvt Winters Edward E.

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