The 7th Kentucky Cavalry (Union)

A Short History: "The summer of 1862 was unfavorable for the organization of a regiment in camp in Eastern Kentucky. A regiment hastily gathered, and not armed or equipped, was in poor condition to encounter the Confederate forces..."

A History of the 7th from another source: "The Institute for Civil War Research" (more History)

Other sources you might check: "A Compendium of the War of the Rebellion", Vol 2. Dayton, OH: Morningside, 1979 Ref. By Dyer, Frederick H.

"Report of the Adjutant General of the State of KY", call # R973.74K37r2

Company Rosters

Each company is listed by Rank, Alphabetical within Rank. Click on the Company you would like to see.

Field & Staff , "A", "B", "C", "D", "E", "F", "G", "H", "I", "K", "M"

Regimental Roster

You can also see the entire roster in alphabetical order, regardless of Company or Rank. Click here:

Surnames A-L Alpha Roster

Surnames M-Z Alpha Roster

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