Rank Last First Notes
Capt McCrea Felix G. also Adjutant w/ Field Staff
Capt Scott Robert
1st Lt Brewer James W.
2nd Lt Brewer Richard
2nd Lt Chaney Robert
Sgt Anderson William
Sgt Berkshire William
Sgt Brewer Richard listed twice (2nd LT, SGT)
Sgt Gray William C.
Sgt Peterson Peter E.
Sgt Smith William H.
Sgt Stephens William H. Contact Lynn Stephens Headley at for additional information.
Sgt Throckmorton Mordecai
Cpl Adams Samuel W.
Cpl Buckley Edmond
Cpl Cart Orville S.
Cpl Gragg James A.
Cpl Hyatt Henry C.
Cpl Kenton William J. Contact Carl Dennis for more info. Born Nov 9, 1841 Nicholas co, KY, son of Simon KENTON and Hannah BISHOP; died Aug 5, 1917, Buried Carlisle, KY. Married Margaret McCLANAHAN Feb 13, 1868.
Cpl Miller John G.
Cpl Ramey Francis M.
Cpl Roundtree Berry
Cpl Whaley Caleb S.
Cpl Worster Levi C.
Bugler Sullivan John
Wagoner Mattox Emanuel
Wagoner Oliver Argo
Saddler Highlander William
Saddler Sashe John
Farrier Boone Joseph
Farrier Fitzwaters Edmond
Farrier Peterson Forrest W.
Pvt Austin Hudson R.
Pvt Baker Phillip L.
Pvt Barnett John
Pvt Barrett William
Pvt Bettis William
Pvt Blake George R.
Pvt Brewer John S.
Pvt Buckley James W.
Pvt Buckley John W.
Pvt Burden Jarrott Jarrett was born 2 Sep 1828, Nicholas Co, KY, son of Samuel BURDEN and Elizabeth CAUGHEY. Married Nancy WHALEY, 29 Jan 1846. Died 28 Aug 1895. Buried Needmore Church Cemetery, Nicholas Co. Although a slave holder, Jarrett enlisted and served 3 years in Company G, 7th Cavalry (Union). He later owned a distillery in partnership with Judge Bants, and later a general store. CONTACT Carl Dennis at for additonal information.
Pvt Burden Morilloe
Pvt Burden Samuel
Pvt Caswell Phillip S.
Pvt Caughey Harvey G. Married Martha BARNETT, 21 Dec 1843. CONTACT Carl Dennis at for additonal information.
Pvt Caughey James F.
Pvt Caughey James M.
Pvt Chrystler Henry
Pvt Chysm Selby
Pvt Collins Edmond
Pvt Collins Josiah
Pvt Crawford Samuel
Pvt Cummings George W.
Pvt Curtis John
Pvt Dabney Joseph
Pvt Earlywine James S.
Pvt Feeback Jesse
Pvt Fields William J.
Pvt Fronk William H.
Pvt Fuller James L.
Pvt Gennett James T.
Pvt Gensal John
Pvt Gleason Michael
Pvt Gruelle William W.
Pvt Harrington Daniel
Pvt Hawin John
Pvt Lawson John T.
Pvt Magee H. Macalla
Pvt Marshall John
Pvt Martin John H.
Pvt Mastin John W.
Pvt Menifee Jonas G.
Pvt Millinner John M.
Pvt Moffett Thomas J.
Pvt Myers George H.
Pvt Peyton George A.
Pvt Price James C.
Pvt Pullen Thomas
Pvt Rambo Phillip
Pvt Rayburn Owen C.
Pvt Raymond Alfred
Pvt Reece Thomas M.
Pvt Reed Allen
Pvt Sheeley John N.
Pvt Shipley Perry
Pvt Stewart Henry T.
Pvt Walker William H.
Pvt Wallingford Oliver P.
Pvt Warford James H.
Pvt Whaley John J.
Pvt Whaley William T.
Pvt Woods James M.
Pvt Youngman James W.

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