Rank Last First Notes
Capt Goulding Seneca 
Capt Price Elihu 
1st Lt McDowell Mathew B.
1st Lt Ogden Charles G.
1st Lt Willett Thomas E.
2nd Lt Mitchell Alfred 
Sgt Cord John M.
Sgt Fitzpatrick Charles 
Sgt Hanley Richard P.
Sgt Hardeman William 
Sgt Moore Oliver S.
Sgt O'Doherty William P.
Sgt Parsons John L.
Sgt Waters Charles 
Sgt Wright Isham C.
Sgt York Coleman 
Cpl Biddle Jerome 
Cpl Briddock Joseph 
Cpl Fugett James H.
Cpl Hamilton John 
Cpl Mitchell Alvin 
Cpl Neal John N.
Cpl Pearce Issac E.
Cpl Sims George P.
Bugler Coleman William H.
Wagoner Bateman Noah C.
Saddler Moore Roger 
Farrier Farris Levi 
Farrier Holland Francis M.
Pvt Arnett William 
Pvt Atchison James 
Pvt Barker Benjamin 
Pvt Bartley John 
Pvt Bateman William 
Pvt Beihn Frederick 
Pvt Bennett John M.
Pvt Bingham Henry 
Pvt Blake Thomas 
Pvt Blythe William R.
Pvt Brewer Sterling 
Pvt Bryant Robert 
Pvt Bryant William 
Pvt Campbell George 
Pvt Campbell James 
Pvt Cox William H.
Pvt Craycraft William B.
Pvt Delany Richard 
Pvt Dillon John 
Pvt Dunstill Joseph 
Pvt Farris Chyle 
Pvt Faulkner George 
Pvt Flora Caliaway 
Pvt Flora John 
Pvt Flora Joseph M.
Pvt Foley Frank 
Pvt Frederick William 
Pvt Gothorne Joseph 
Pvt Gray James T.
Pvt Harman David 
Pvt Hawes Samuel 
Pvt Holland William 
Pvt Hopkins David W.
Pvt Hopkins Joshlin J.
Pvt Humphris Eli 
Pvt Jackson John K.
Pvt Lancaster John B.
Pvt Low James 
Pvt Martin William H.
Pvt McCollum William 
Pvt McGowing George W.
Pvt McGowing John 
Pvt Mitchell George 
Pvt Mitchell Hiram J.
Pvt Parsons Benjamin 
Pvt Pearce Joel 
Pvt Reaves George 
Pvt Richards Joseph A.
Pvt Riddle William 
Pvt Roberts Andrew 
Pvt Roberts James 
Pvt Ruark Benjamin F.
Pvt Sanders Henry W.
Pvt Sapp James H.
Pvt Shoeky Thomas P.
Pvt Shuter George 
Pvt Skinner Benjamin 
Pvt Stanfield Francis M. Buried Pendleton Co, KY(contact David Bush: for more info  also see "Monument and Inscriptions of Pendleton Co., KY" by Nagle and Ford
Pvt Stanfield James 
Pvt Stanfield Sherwood 
Pvt Stanfield Thomas 
Pvt Stoddard David 
Pvt Strode Harvey M.
Pvt Tolsen William 
Pvt Turner William S.
Pvt Underwood William 
Pvt Vise John W.
Pvt Vogan David 
Pvt Vogan Henry 
Pvt Walker Louis A.
Pvt West John L.
Pvt Westcott John L.
Pvt Workman Darlous E.
Pvt Wycoff Hugh 

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