COMPANY "H" Company H appears to have been recruited primarily from Garrard county, KY. Research shows most men were enrolled August 4, 1862, and muster took place August 16, 1862. This recruitment and rapid muster was most likely due to the success of Morgan's Raiders into Kentucky about that time.
Rank Last First Notes
Capt Collier Robert  1819-1878 b. Collier Cem, Garrard co, KY
Capt Thornton Jeptha D.
1st Lt Kerby William M.
1st Lt Walker Edwin H. Poss: 1843-1910 B. Paint Lick Cem, Garrard co, KY w. Elizabeth WOODS
2nd Lt Baird James L.
2nd Lt Dunn Thomas 
Sgt Baird Joseph 
Sgt Carpenter John M.
Sgt Fletcher James D.
Sgt Fletcher Patterson H.
Sgt McQuerry John  died Greene co, IL 05/16/1928  Personal War Sketch 
Sgt Nave James D.
Sgt Pierce Curtis  """Civil War Veteren"" 1838-1922 b. Buckeye Cem, Garrard co, KY w. Emily SIMPSON"
Sgt Rothwell James M. 1826-1865 b. Paint Lick Cem, Garrard co, KY
Sgt Rothwell Samuel 
Cpl Adams James D.
Cpl Anderson John H.
Cpl Bau Robert E.
Cpl Conn Andrew J.T.
Cpl Dollens George W.
Cpl Dollens James T.
Cpl Hammack Andrew J. buried Paint LickCem, Garrard co 18 Aug 1842 - 21 Apr 1912 wife Mary W.
Cpl Perkins James 
Saddler Sims James 
Farrier Kennedy John F.
Farrier Pierce Willis 
Hosp Stwd Morris William E.
Pvt Adams Andrew  Poss. Andrew S. Adams 1832-1882 b. Andrew Adams Cem. Garrard co, KY
Pvt Anderson Simeon 
Pvt Baird John F.
Pvt Baker Benjamin 
Pvt Baker James  "died 1915 age 76 ""Union Soldier"" b. Stringtown Cem. Garrard co, KY wife Catherine"
Pvt Baker Joseph 
Pvt Baker William P. d 1884 b. Hickory Grove Cem, Greene co, IL; wife Almyra STANTON 
Pvt Beaumont Thomas  also listed w/ Field & Staff
Pvt Brown George A. Poss: 1804-1879 b. Brown Cem, Garrard co, KY wife Mary WHITE
Pvt Church James  Listed Co A on headstone b. Peter Kennedy Cem, Garrard co, KY
Pvt Davis Samuel H.
Pvt Foley Thomas 
Pvt George Ancel 
Pvt Graham James 
Pvt Haggard Allen 
Pvt Hall Samuel  1842-1926 b. Stringtown Cem, Garrard co, KY
Pvt Harden John W.
Pvt Harman Nelson 
Pvt Herring Daniel W.
Pvt Holman Daniel 
Pvt Holmes Jorden 
Pvt Isham Moses 
Pvt Johnson William 
Pvt Joslen James M. (JOSLIN, JOSLYN) Ex Brother in Law to William P. BAKER 
Pvt Kennedy Samuel T.
Pvt Kerby George M.
Pvt King Wesley  "Wesley K. King ""Union Soldier"" d 1920 age 76 b. Scotts Fork Church Cem, Garrard co, KY"
Pvt Kirkendale John  descendant of David Thompson
Pvt Lawson George 
Pvt Lawson Moses 
Pvt Locker John 
Pvt Long James H.
Pvt Luntsford Daniel 
Pvt Luntsford Enoch 
Pvt Marksbury Horatio 
Pvt Mulair John 
Pvt Murphy John 
Pvt Pointer Issac 
Pvt Pointer John  enrolled Aug 4, 1862, mustered in Aug 16, 1862 at Paris, KY for 3 years, mustered out July 10, 1865 at Edgefield, TN Data supplied by Linda J. Pointer
Pvt Pointer Mason  "Reduced in ranks from Corp. Aug 1863 for desertion; restored to duty with loss of all pay and allowances from Nov 19, 1964 to March 10, 1865. Member #25 of Post 350 G.A.R., Greene county, IL Died Greene co, IL 03/28/1917 Data supplied by Linda J. Pointer 
Pvt Pointer William  "Deserted January 1863 at Frankfort, KY; returned to regiment; sent to military prison at Nashville, TN October 19, 1863, then deserted; date not known. Buried Stringtown Cem, no dates, Garrard co, KY Data supplied by Linda J. Pointer
Pvt Ray James H. Poss: 1835-1878 b. Buckeye Cem, Garrard co, KY
Pvt Renfro Issac  No Dates b. Stringtown Cem, Garrard co, KY wife Mary BAKER m 12-29-59 wife Sally JOSLIN 03-11-40
Pvt Runyon Silas R.
Pvt Runyon William 
Pvt Ryon John 
Pvt Scarbro William 
Pvt Shiplet Campbell  No Dates buried Stringtown Cem, Garrard co, KY. Married Sarah POYNTER d/o Vincent & Anna Thompson POINTER 25 Oct 1839 in Garrard County, KY Data supplied by Linda J. Pointer
Pvt Short William 
Pvt Simpson Elijah  Poss: 1809-1863 b. Buckeye Cem, Garrard co, KY wife Zerelda LEAR
Pvt Simpson George  "Poss: ""Son of Mike"" d. 1904 b. Buckeye Cem, Garrard co, KY"
Pvt Stanton John S. Brother in Law to William P. BAKER 
Pvt Tanner John 
Pvt Temple James M.
Pvt Waldridge Benjamin 
Pvt Warren Harvey  Poss: 1828-1906 b. Buckeye Cem, Garrard co, KY
Pvt Warren William 
Pvt Welch James 
Pvt Wheeler Squire 

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